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The word I chose for the #oneword rock project is unity. I chose this word because I feel it is a universal word for togetherness. There is so much separation, hate, and discrimination and we as humans need to stop focusing on our differences and focus more on the soul inside the person. Race, religion, culture, etc. should never be used to single out a person. So, with this rock, I hope I remind people to look past all of these things and take time to understand someone before you judge them.


Thanksgiving Time

You smell that? The smell of fresh bread baking, a flavorful variety of meats ranging from turkey to ham, and who could forget about the sweet cranberry sauce? My aunt brings her prized deviled eggs while my grandma bakes a delicious fruit pizza. Whereas, my family sticks with the sweet potato mash with marshmallows on top as a dish. You can’t forget about the best part though, and that is spending time with family. I rarely get to see my family all together so Thanksgiving is one of the best times where I can play with my cousins and catch up with my aunts and uncles. I love the sense of unity the holiday brings over everyone, it’s truly one of the best feelings. What’s your favorite holiday?


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All my life, for as long as I can remember, I’ve always hated labels. Why are they necessary? Why do we use words to separate ourselves from one another, we are all humans after all. The use of labels to put down other’s culture is intolerable, why does it matter if a person is a different race? The number of racially intolerant people has me truly amused. I cannot comprehend why others put people down because of something they can’t change. The most pitiful excuse a typical racist “American” has to say is, “This is our America, we were here first.” However, this couldn’t be any farther from the truth. The Native Americans were here before us but nobody wants to talk about that. Their people are still living in poverty and have some of the highest suicide rates, and because of who? Us. I feel that this whole issue blew up just a few years ago. There is just so much hate in the world. We need to learn the definition of unity once again, we need to all come together, we all should be at peace with one another despite our differing opinions. Because after all, we only have each other. We are all human, don’t forget that.

The Journey Begins

Hello! This is my new blog where I will be discussing the importance of learning about different cultures, the beauty of open-mindedness, positivity, amazing music and books, and much much more! With all of this, I hope to spread awareness to minorities and some things that you may be missing out on because of the lack of knowledge of different cultures. I hope you will enjoy!

“If you don’t go through life with an open mind, you will find a lot of closed doors”- Mark W. Perrett

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