Magnificent Melodies

black record vinyl
Black Record Vinyl Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on

I think having a diverse music taste really opens your mind. Exposing yourself to new things that you end up enjoying can really inspire you. My music taste is so diverse, I listen to pretty much anything. Liking all kinds of different music opens a door in your mind to so many differing cultures. If you are a person that plays an instrument it really helps when you are writing new music because of the diversity in what you listen to, you can take inspiration from virtually all over the world. Kinds of music I suggest you try out are Korean pop, Indie, Chinese pop, and Japanese rock. Latino music has gotten very popular over the years, but if you have yet to listen, I highly recommend trying it out! Music is a very easy way to connect yourself with different cultures if you adopt a broad taste in music.









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